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About Us

Learn more about what The Anju Project is all about.

In collaboration with the Tisch COVID Student Response Grant, we are developing an online safe space for people to talk about their relationships, emotional abuse, and sexual assault. In deeply patriarchal social spaces that are often victim-blaming, we understand that women, trans, non-binary, and gender-expansive do not have space for the solidarity and support they deserve. Through the Anju Project, we hope you can share your thoughts, questions, fears, and doubts – and receive support from us. You do not have to be in a crisis to share with us, nor do you need to leave your relationship.


We are here to:

  • Nurture a supportive community to show you that you are not alone.

  • Build private and secure connections with forum members who are in similar situations as you are, and who can share knowledge and advice. 

  • Provide access to a gender-inclusive library that includes books, movies, and tv shows that explore complex issues about intimate relationships. We will continue expanding our resource collections through members’ suggestions. 

  • Help each other navigate away from feelings of confusion and fear towards confidence, love, and clarity.


We (a small team and I) have spent time building this space and curating a feminist library for everyone who wants it. We will spend time responding to people on the forum, connecting those who reach out through the contact form with the right organizations and resources.


This is not a replacement to therapy and we are just here to support you, to let you know that you are not alone, that your feelings are valid, and that there is no single or graceful way to respond to situations where your boundaries are violated. 


You can submit in two forms: privately to us or via the community forum.


The private sharing option is for you to share your story with us confidentially, and is not publicly viewable. Your story remains with us. We will get back to you if you would like to hear from us. If you simply want someone to know what is happening and don’t want any response, that is fine as well. 

The forum sharing option lets you share your story publicly, but anonymously, if you’d like. Your story is then open to comments from other people on the forum.


Who are we looking for: 


We are always looking for organizations, therapists and people working in the fields of domestic and emotional abuse to collaborate with. Use the contact page to reach out to us, or you can email us at contact@theanjuproject.com