We are always here for you.

To keep this community safe and effective please read and follow our

community guidelines.


This is a safe space for people to talk about their relationships. We understand many are struggling emotionally, feel anxious, and find themselves in  confusing spots. You do not have to be in crisis to share with us, nor do you have to leave your relationship.


This platform is non-judgemental. Please write in the language you feel comfortable. We expect our allies to refrain from using directive words. “You should do this” or “You should not do that” is the kind of language we are getting away from.


We expect that the messages come from a place of empathy and support. It is often very hard to identify abuse in relationships. Our reactions to strange and abusive situations can also become abusive. An abnormal event in our life triggers abusive and abnormal responses and we do not blame each other.


There are delicate ways to disagree. We hope everyone using the platform respects and learns ways to gently disagree.You can disagree by speaking in first person (Eg: In my life, I experienced X.I made decision Y, which is different than yours)


Go forth and give virtual warmth through your words of support and advice, or enter the forum to receive them.